Woodley Graham, Bronwyn


Born in 1964, Bronwyn has a strong graphic background and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for many years.
Since shifting her focus to painting she has won various awards for her paintings  both locally and internationally. She is perhaps best known for her  luminescent landscapes and portraiture. Her work has been featured in various publications. She  paints both realistic figurative styles as well as more esoteric abstract works.



“In all my work, my goal is to remain truthful in my response to a subject. I have an eternal fascination with light: the effects with various pigments, the source and colour of the light, and the way in which it falls on various subjects. I often use stark tonal values, enhancing space, depth and the illusion of the three dimensional within a two dimensional plane.”



Charlie Sheard Studio School



In 1981 her HSC work was selected for the “Art Express”.  Her first solo show in 2004 sold out on opening night. Her career has continued to grow with a devoted following of art lovers and buyers in Australia and overseas.

Having studied for four years at the Charlie Sheard Studio School, she follows the traditional techniques of the old masters, layering in transparent and opaque pigments with warm to cool colours, giving a tonal depth and a mix of both optical and direct colour. When her painting schedule allows, she also teaches these techniques through master classes in oil painting.