Works on Paper

artist Nafisa Naomi, Charcoal on Paper

The following artists create alla prima works on paper.

This involves one sitting of one or two hours length, at the conclusion of which a drawing in pastel, or charcoal or graphite or pen and ink will be produced. Such works have an immediacy, and test the graphic skills of the artist. Artists’ styles may be very naturalistic or more expressionistic. Check the artists’ pages to see different approaches.

This is an inexpensive way of commissioning a portrait. Prices vary according to the artist.

Please contact the Artist directly – see their page for their website.

Rizwana Ahmed
Filippa Buttitta
Marcus Callum
Angelika Erbsland
Penelope Gilbert-Ng
Dee Jackson
Fiona Knox
Janis Lander
Kathrin Longhurst
Christine Lott

Kathy Smoker- 'Collaroy Venus' (2014) pastel.  75x55cm

artist Kathy Smoker- ‘Collaroy Venus’ (2014) pastel on paper- 75x55cm

Peter H Marshall
Nafisa Naomi
Robyn Ross
Alexandra Sasse
Lesley Shelley
Kathy Smoker

Julie Ballis

Irene Crusca
Wendy-Jane Sheppard
Micheline Jones




Studies for a portrait by Peter Marshall

Studies for a portrait by Peter H Marshall – graphite on paper



Artist Kerry McInnis - 'Chris Smith' charcoal and conte_2005_35x18cm-1

Artist Kerry McInnis – ‘Chris Smith’ charcoal and conte_2005_35x18cm-1


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