Sheppard, Wendy-Jane


“I am very interested in the physical characteristics and the different and unique personalities of individuals. My intrigue and curiosity of the nature of people and animals are most evident in my portraiture, which I enjoy painting very much. My detailed and traditional style of portraiture requires many hours of careful exploratory drawn and painted studies and photographs of the sitter. This assists me in determining his or her personality and physical characteristics that I may portray the sitter in a manner that is reflective of their unique individual character in the final portrait.”


Wendy Jane Sheppard in her studio

Wendy Jane Sheppard in her studio

Wendy is a dedicated professional portrait artist and art tutor.  She offers professional mentoring, private coaching, classes, and advice for portfolio presentation.



  • 2006 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Painting, University of South Australia.
  • 2007 Bachelor of Visual Arts, (Honours), University of South Australia.



  • Fellow and past President of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts
  • Member Portrait Artists Australia
  • Member AGRA, Australian Guild of Realist Artists
  • Member Ringwood Artist Society
  • Registered teacher of the Michael Wilcox School of Colour


The commission process begins with an initial meeting/consultation and discussion with the client is welcome and also essential throughout the commission procedure. The development of the portrait begins using my reference material obtained at a prior sitting, which includes photographs, sketches, colour studies and notes.  I prepare sketches and/or a small preliminary study of the proposed portrait. I invite the client to view these sketches and studies and invite comment and discussion in regard to alterations and or suitability of initial ideas/study of the proposed portrait.

Once the client is entirely satisfied with the preliminary studies the portrait is completed. Please note after this preliminary process I either paint directly from life or photographs and sketches or a combination of both depending what method is appropriate for individual portraits. The time span for completion of a portrait is a minimum of 4 weeks and the average being 8 to 10 weeks or longer if a large detailed portrait is required.

Commissions are welcome nationally and internationally. The Price for a commissioned portrait range from: Graphite drawing head study A3 size ; $800 and oil painting head shoulder study,60 cm x76cm $1695, through to life size 180 cm x 120cm $25,000.



Wendy Jane Shepphard by Suzanne Donisthorpe

Wendy Jane Shepphard by Suzanne Donisthorpe