Hopkins, Laura



“I was born into an artistic family. Drawing and painting have always been a major part of my life. Within each person is the ideal that person aspires to. I seek this information when painting portraits, and work towards this ideal the subject has of self. I work in all mediums, using photography only for reference. My style is not traditional and I use anything at all to achieve the marks I need. Each era brings with it its own imagery,and I endeavour to reflect my own era as accurately as I am able.

I believe that art is a vision behind a closed door. Artists open this door and share this vision. The sense of light and colour is subtle. I endeavour to be aware of as much of life and living as possible.”


Laura Hopkins at PAA opening 2009

Laura Hopkins at PAA opening 2009


Laura Hopkins was a foundation member of Portrait Artists Australia and has participated in numerous group exhibitions over the years.



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  1. Hi there I own a second hand shop and I have in my possession a painting of a cat signed by Laura Hopkins how can I tell if she actually painted it and also the sale value of it please you can e-mail me back or call me on 0481704162 thank you

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