Morton, Ann




Ann Morton is a painter of still life and portraiture. Ann ‘strives to capture details of light and colour without compromising the strength of the overall image’.



Ann has painted professionally all her working life and has had numerous solo and joint exhibitions in private and public galleries, along with commissions from corporate and private collectors.

Her work is well represented in overseas collections. Although usually painting still lifes, portraits have been a continuing obsession for her: ‘working from life and finding that defining expression and aspect’.


finalist in the Archibald
finalist The Sporting Archibald
finalist the Doug Moran
finalist the Portia Geach Portrait Prize.


Member of Portrait Artists of Australia
Art Renewal Center
The American Society ot Traditional Artists
International Guild of Realism

5 Responses to Morton, Ann

  1. Hello Ann

    I am John Wood and live in Canberra. I was wondering whether you do portraits of someone like myself for commission?

    I was looking at a painting framed of in the order of 1000 by 620.

    I would be a single subject and am looking at oil, pastel type finish.

    I was wondering whether you would be interested in quoting on this or not? I am in Canberra and I could have you travel here or I could meet you somewhere else if that were more convenient for you?

    I have no idea what you would charge for something like this and would be interested to know whether you would be interested or not and then perhaps there might be questions you would want to ask me.

    I do have a budget for this but not sure if it fits into your??

    Talk soon


  2. to Anne Morton:

    Wendy, my wife, celebrates her 70th birthday on 5 December 2017. I have a B&W photo of her at 19 (we didn’t meet and marry until she was 29 year old) Despite the flowering of years; to my eyes she is the exact person I fell in love with. After viewing the limited selection of your work and your skill in portraying the inner essence of the subject “Tamara” it would be a joy to present her with a portrait reflecting your interpretation of the hope, promise and exquisite innocence reflected in the photo.

    Can I hope that you would agree?

    Alan Briggs

    I envisage something around 12 x 18 – intimate yet visible – However, should you believe that a larger portrait might be more effective I would be happy to discuss that…

  3. Hi Ann

    I would like to enquire for a quote, of an oil canvas of a family of three, working from photographs only?

    The painting will be quite large. Additionally, how long will this take?


  4. Hi Ann,

    I would like to enquire for a quote of an oil canvas painting of one person. Real life size but with only head and shoulders. Also, how long will it take from time I send you the reference photos?


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